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Kelowna Trip 2010

Posted on: July 19, 2010

So, I’m going to Kelowna as of late, so I won’t be updating too much. Do stalk me on Twitter, though, it will be updated a lot 🙂 .Man, if I get run over by a horse again, I’m gonna freak!… OH IDEA!!!! Let’s do a girl version of the Old Spice commercial!… But that would involve a towel… and a hot sandy California beach… DAMN I’m such a put-downer (if that’s a word O.O). Man, if only i could bring my computer with me… Or if I could invest in a laptop… but that’s a life that died before it could exist 😦 so let’s put a STRIKETHROUGH on that idea. Ah well, time to hit the beach! Hope I don’t burn again :/ . That wasn’t fun. Any ideas on what to do there??? I don’t know…


2 Responses to "Kelowna Trip 2010"

DUDE THE FEMALE VERSION OF THE OLD SPICE COMMERCIAL IS THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i vote you should do it…now we just have to find a horse…

and 1 bagillion diamonds XD

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