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That look you give me…

Posted on: July 16, 2010

Have you ever had someone look at you “that way”? Do you even know what “that  look” is? If not, read my first official Blog.

See, “The Look” can be any kind of look that a certain person gives you, so long as it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. “The Look” can be pretty hard to spot, if its pointed at you, or if you don’t pay enough attention.

An easy way to see if a certain friend of yours likes you “that way”, have a friend with you when you’re around him/her that you think likes you. Tell them to “watch” SAT other person to:
1) Count the amount of times SAT person looks at you
2) See if SAT person looks at you for a longer time than usual
3) Look at their eyes! If you see a certain sparkle there…

Now, you have to be sneaky about it, too. Don’t want SAT person thinking you like them, or you may be in a bit of a dilemma, what with SAT person thinking you like them, and you feeling confused and embarrassed. Trust me, it’s not fun. Learn from my fail, and learn well. 😀

Now about that “sparkle” I mentioned before…
You can’t define it, because it’s different from person to person. But the concept’s the same. The person looks at you, and your friend sees a certain shift in the other person’s eyes. Most people look pretty expressionless most of the time, but even expressionless, it’s still there. Look closely, you’ll find it.


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